Free Fire Advanced Server New Update (OB21) Details: New Characters , Kill Secure Mode & More

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January 15, 2024
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Every software, app, game, has a beta version surpassing its unstipulated release. It is a version that is made misogynist for testing, typically by a limited number of users outside the developer firm. And Free Fire is no exception. Surpassing everything gets addedin the live servers, some players had the opportunity to test all the features in the Beta version of the game, wontedly known as the Self-ruling Fire Wide Server. In this detailed post, we will tell you What is Wide Server in Free Fire and How to download it.

What is theFree Fire Wide Server?

Advanced Server is the testing server for every new full-length that is coming to the live servers of Self-ruling Fire. Players get a endangerment to test every new feature. After which they can requite feedback to Garena well-nigh the new features, and Garena will then act upon those issues depending upon the scenario. You don’t need to have an worth on Wide Server. However, it is a unconfined way for enthusiasts to know what’s well-nigh to come on live servers.

But you can’t just get into Wide Server and start playing the game as the developer limits the number of players in the Self-ruling Fire Wide Server to prevent it from overflowing.

How to download Self-ruling Fire Wide Server

Currently, the Wide Server for Self-ruling Fire OB21 update is live. Self-ruling Fire Players can register till March 28.

Steps to Download Self-ruling Fire Wide Server

To participate in the beta testing phase, players must have a Self-ruling Fire linked Facebook account. Now, here is the step by step guide to download and join the Self-ruling Fire Wide Server:

  • Go to the Free Fire Wide Server Official website.
  • Click on the Login Facebook sawed-off and login with your Facebook worth linked to Self-ruling Fire.
  • After that, on the new page, you see the registration form.
  • Fillthe required details and click on submit.
  • After that, the website will redirect you to the download page. Click on the Download APK sawed-off to download the APK file (833 MB).
  • Once done, unshut the downloaded APK.
  • You do need to indulge installation from “unknown sources” to install the app. Go to settings > safety, and privacy> Install apps from Unknown Sources.
  • After installation, Unshut the Self-ruling Fire Wide Server app.
  • Then Sign in using your linked Facebook account.

Note: Both apps are different. So, There is no need to uninstall the standard version of Self-ruling Fire.

Free Fire OB21 Update Features

The OB20 Update of Self-ruling Fire was a huge success that brought Bomb Squad Mode, Kalahari Map, Steffie, and much more. Without this event, the players are now enthusiastically waiting for the next Self-ruling Fire OB21 update.

The Self-ruling Fire Wide Server of the upcoming OB21 update is live now until April 2. As seen in the wide Server, the new update will bring new characters, mode, emotes, pates, and many other new features. Garena did not signify the release stage of the Self-ruling Fire OB21 update.

Here are the new upcoming features of the Self-ruling Fire OB21 update given below:

New Character: Kapella

A new sexuality weft named ‘Kapella.’ She is a famous pop singer and star with a unique Healing Song skill. She can increase the effects of HP skills and items and reduce forfeiture received by teammates without she dies

At Level 1, she can increase the effects of healing items and healing skills by 10%and reduces the HP when downed by 20%. At the max level, the effects of healing items are increased by 20%, and the HP loss is reduced when hit by 30%. Kapella has a trappy ‘Pop Singer’ Weft Set.

New Character: Lucas

A male weft named Lucas will moreover be introduced in the mid OB21 update. Lucas is a football player with the Hat-trick skill. Using this skill gives Lucus an HP whenever he kills an enemy. When we alimony subtracting increasingly information well-nigh Lucas, once we get our hands on the OB21 update.

New Pet: Ottero

A pet otter named Ottero dressed in hip-hop outfit will moreover make its way into the update. This winsome pet that can recover EP when the player uses any medical items. At Level 1, when the player uses any medical items, the value of EP recovered is 35% of the HP recovered. When Ottero reaches the maximum level, the value of EP recovered is 100% of the HP recovered. It moreover has three emotes and two outfits that are unlockable at variegated levels.

Kill Secured Mode

An all-new ‘Kill Secured Mode’ Mode has been widow in Self-ruling Fire OB21 update. Played on the Bermuda Map, in this mode, two random teams are spawned on the map. Each player has to segregate equipment set out of four. Without that, they will fight with the opponent team. If a player dies, then he/she will respawn again. The elapsing of the match is 10 minutes. The first team that completes a total of 80 kills will be the winner.

Free Squint Feature

A new full-length tabbed ‘Free Look’ has been rumored. The players can squint in all directions without enabling it without moving the character. It is the same as the Self-ruling Squint full-length in PUBG Mobile.

Auto Pickup Speed

Using this feature, the players can increase the Auto Pickup Speed. You can transpiration the Auto Pickup Speed in the Auto Pickup section of the game.

New Emotes

The developer widow Four all-new emotes. The names of these emote with their tag lines are:

  • Tea Time: Relax without some headshots
  • Bring It On! : Bring on the challenge
  • Why? Oh, Why? : I’m a poor little soul
  • Fancy Hands: Alimony watching, you won’t get it anyway

Free Fire Max

Garena will moreover release Free Fire Max. In short, it is a upper graphics version of self-ruling fire. This version would target players with high-end smartphones and would bring new notation and skins. Check out our defended vendible on Self-ruling Fire Max to know more.

According to leakers, the OB21 update was scheduled to be released in the middle of April 2020. But like all everything else, the update may be elapsed due to the ongoing pandemic.

We hope you found our vendible ‘What is the Self-ruling Fire Wide Server and How to download it‘ useful. Share with your Self-ruling Fire Buddies, and for increasingly detailed coverage on mobile games, turn on notification by hitting the tintinnabulate icon at the marrow right.


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