Best Toys For 12-year-old Girls

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May 02, 2024
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As your daughter proceeds to develop and grow, so too will her inclinations and leisure activities.

Whether she needs to investigate lovely greenhouses, awe-inspiring fights, delightful creatures, or plan her own LEGO works, there's such a huge amount to find in our brilliant assortment of LEGO® toys for 12-year-old young ladies.

Investigate today and spot an entire universe of experience right readily available!

1. Zoey and Zian the Cat-Owl

71476 Zoey and Zian the Cat-Owl  Box Of Bricks

Transform dreams into reality with this LEGO® DREAMZzz™ Zoey and Zian the Feline Owl building set.

Children will travel into the fantasy land, joining Zoey in her mission to save Zian from the grip of the Night Tracker.

Change Zian from a Feline Owl with wings to a Feline Peacock with a great tail for 2 invigorating structure encounters. When constructed, the figure has a posable head, legs and tail for intelligent play.

The set accompanies 3 minifigures: Zoey, Cooper and the Night Tracker, alongside his followers Sneak and Whine. Children can jump into a completely exhilarating play insight with cool embellishments like Zoey's shooting bow, and Cooper's flying bike.

2. Heartlake City Community Center

LEGO 41748 Friends Heartlake City Community Centre Building Toy Set

Prepare for perpetual fun at the LEGO® Companions Heartlake City Public venue.

Jump into companionship stories across 4 different structure levels with 6 LEGO® Companions small scale dolls. Get imaginative with Paisley in the music room and Olly in the recording studio. Paint with Liann in the craftsmanship studio or spend time with gamers Nova and Zac in the relax zone.

This adjustable structure allows children to improve the levels for a novel structure insight. They can rehearse companionship abilities and inventive narrating for vivid and amiable play.

For much greater experiences, consolidate with the LEGO Companions Heartlake City People group Kitchen (sold independently).

3. LEGO® Creator 3in1 Sets

LEGO Creator 3in1 Fantasie boswezens set 31125

Investigate a universe of inventiveness with LEGO® Maker 3in1 sets! Interminably engaging and wonderful to put in plain view once fabricated, these models move long periods of creative structure and play.

Prepared for your nearby? The cool Retro Camera set can be incorporated into a camcorder or a retro television. The camera toy includes a moving focal point, pressable buttons for 'snapping' photographs, and, surprisingly, back that opens for youngsters to embed block constructed film pieces. There is an additional block constructed film for the full photography experience! The camcorder accompanies an initial fold for 'recording', while the television has a radio wire and cool stickers to add on the screen.

Roll your direction back in time with the Retro Roller Skate! Children can construct one, however three amazing models. Build the roller skate, highlighting 4 pink moving wheels, a plug, and yellow bands. Young ladies can feature their inventiveness with a variety of beautifications for novel plans on the completed skate. They can likewise revamp the skate into a retro smaller than normal skateboard with four moving wheels, or a retro boombox.

Youthful creature fans will cherish this White Hare set. When the rabbit is fabricated, children can move the posable head, legs, mouth and ears for active association. The rabbit can likewise be revamped into a cockatoo parrot or a white seal. The cockatoo can move its wings, tail and neck, and the seal can move its mouth and flippers!

These sets make phenomenal gifts, offering kids the fervor of re-working again and again!

4. Beach Amusement Park

Summer Thrills by the Seashore: Amusement Parks - Marinalife

Go on an outing to the ocean side with the magnificent LEGO® Companions Ocean side Event congregation!

Intended for youngsters matured 12+, this remunerating event congregation construct is stuffed brimming with super-fun subtleties, in addition to LEGO Technic™ components are likewise included to add additional development and authenticity. Children can fabricate the merry go round with a twofold revolution capability, a wave machine with a moving surfer, and a shooting display game with 2 columns of focuses on that move from one side to another!

The set incorporates 4 characters, Zac, Nova, Dia, and Charli, in addition to elective heads for Zac and Nova so children can change their appearances relying upon the story they need to tell.

5. LEGO® Flowers

How to arrange your LEGO« flowers | Official LEGO« Shop NL

Allow minds to bloom with these lovely LEGO® blossom sets.

Fabricate these wonderful sprouts petal by petal. With different choices, from block constructed cherry blooms to daffodils to lotus blossoms (each sold independently), there are boundless open doors for imagination. Young ladies can make wonderful presentations out of individual sets or consolidate them to plan their own bouquet! In addition to the fact that this is a charming undertaking, at the same time, when gotten done, it makes an amazing highlight for any 12-year-old young lady's room.

6. LEGO® Creative Brick Boxes

LEGO 10696 Creative Brick Box review | Brickset

Release inventiveness with these containers of LEGO® blocks!

With 484 pieces in 35 distinct varieties, the LEGO® Medium Imaginative Block Box is the ideal tool stash to partake in some exemplary LEGO development. Complete with bunches of various windows, tires, eyes, and an extraordinary green baseplate, minds make certain to roam free with this set. To grow the innovative potential outcomes significantly further, the Huge Inventive Block Box (10698) adds an extra 790 pieces! The block boxes additionally twofold as fun LEGO stockpiling compartments ideal for your kid's developing block assortment.

Children can exten their structure variety range with the Inventive Pastel Tomfoolery set. The 333 vivid blocks arrive in a scope of sizes and 6 pastel tones and can be incorporated into various manifestations for nothing building fun. Children can likewise follow the simple tasks to gather 5 exceptional models: a cloud, a frozen yogurt, a dinosaur, a feline and a robot!

7. Heart Ornament

Love you Heart ornament Gift tag

This ravishing Heart Trimming building set is a fun imaginative undertaking and has an enduring effect as a delightful room beautification.

The 254 pieces meet up to make a pink flower love heart. With numerous choices for customization, they can make a plan that grandstands their own special style. The set comes total with a holder component for show once constructing is finished.

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