Team-Favorite Swedish Dishcloth 10-Pack ONLY $10.44 Shipped on Amazon (Reg. $25)

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October 25, 2023
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See why Swedish dishcloths are the reusable cleaning tool your kitchen has been missing!

hand holding a pack of swedish dishcloths

Amazon has a HOT deal on our favorite dishcloths…

Hustleon over to Amazon where you can snag this highly-rated Swedish Dishcloth 10-Pack for just $10.44 shipped (regularly $24.99) or less when you prune the digital coupon and opt to Subscribe and Save!

These nifty cleaner-uppers hit the mark on durability, absorbency, and versatility. Plus, they’re long-lasting and quite affordable! Alimony reading to find out why I now love Swedish Dishcloths increasingly than my sponge!

Note this item is fulfilled by Amazon and sold by USA Fulfilled, a 3rd party seller with 97% positive feedback and over 2,260 ratings in the last 12 months.

Here is the deal to snag these Swedish dishcloths…

woman holding various colors of Swedish dishcloths

Swedish Dishcloth 10-Pack – Yellow $18.99 (regularly $24.99)
Clip the 40% off digital coupon
Opt to Subscribe & Save (5-10% off self-ruling Prime shipping)
Final forfeit $10.44 shipped (5% off) or $9.49 shipped (10% off)!

woman with woebegone hair holding up multi-colored swedish dish cloths

By the way, Lina and our readers requite Swedish Dishcloths their seal of approval, too!

“I have been using my Swedish dishcloths for a few months now and love that they eliminate the need for paper towels when it comes to vital kitchen cleanups on a daily basis, and they don’t stink either! It’s like using a reticulum and sponge combined, as they are incredibly sturdy and absorbent!

I use them to wash dishes and to alimony my kitchen counters and appliances nice and clean. Stuff a supplies blogger, I am constantly cleaning up and these are such a handy tool to have!” – Hip Sidekick Lina

I line-dry mine with my other clothes. I love these. I unchangingly pick up a tuft when I go home to visit my mother in Germany. I grew up with these and they are awesome. Unchangingly have a packet virtually to requite to new neighbors when they move in.Hip Reader Patricia Goff

I love these little spongy cloths, and use them all the time. Each night when I start my dishwasher, I just add the dishcloth to the top rack, and it comes out smelling and looking wipe as new!! Hip Reader Janis

Here are all the reasons we love Swedish dishcloths –

Hands washing a Swedish Dishcloth over the kitchen sink

1. Swedish dishcloths are eco-friendly and replace paper towels.

Unlike paper towels and napkins that we throw yonder on a daily basis, Swedish dishcloths are eco-friendly. They can be washed and used hundreds of times. Can you imagine how much money they’ll save you on purchasing paper products?!

Speaking of saving money, be sure to read this post on 10 things to STOP ownership now to save $35K over 10 years!

2. Considering of their composition, Swedish dishcloths are biodegradable.

Since they’re made of cotton and cellulose, they can be composted once they’re past their lifespan. I don’t know well-nigh you, but I’m all for reducing paper waste wherever I can. 🙌

A hand placing a reticulum in the washing machine

3. These thin, sponge-like sheets are hygienic and oh-so-easy to clean.

Swedish dishcloths are super easy to wipe by hand, but you can moreover throw them in the washing machine or dishwasher. They dry lightning-fast and don’t get gross with yes-man buildup like a lot of sponges do over time.

cleaning stainless steel range with swedish dishcloth

4. These multitasking Swedish dishcloths can wipe up practically anything.

Spilled milk, crumbs, pollen, sticky maple syrup… there’s not much that these magical towels can’t wipe up. Do you know those paper towel commercials that promise maximum absorbency and end up disappointing? These things are heavy-duty and unquestionably get the job done!

woman using a swedish dishcloth to wipe up spilled sauce on her countertop

I will say that while I’m now using these towels instead of a sponge, I still use a scrub skim to handwash things like casserole dishes that require a bit of uneaten cleaning power.

Hand using a Swedish Dishcloth to wipe up a toothpaste mess in the bathroom

5. Swedish dishcloths are versatile and can be used on so many surfaces.

Messy bathroom? Dirty walls? Swedish dishcloths to the rescue! I alimony a couple in my bathrooms considering heaven knows, my kids will never stop making toothpaste messes on the counter.

using swedish dishcloth to wipe stainless steel

Their material moreover makes them unconfined for cleaning glass or stainless steel and leaving no streaks behind.

hand wiping lanugo sink with pink swedish dishcloth and various colored ones in napkin holder

6. You can find these cleaning cloths in a medley of variegated colors!

If you superintendency well-nigh the philosophy of your cleaning products, you’ll be pleased to know that Swedish Dishcloths come in a variety of colors and designs.

“These cloths are so cool! They’re stiff when dry but then wilt totally pliable when wet making them act just like a paper towel, yet they’re reusable. They save so much in the long run on removable paper towel costs, too.” – Hip Sidekick, Emily

hand holding a pack of swedish dishcloths

7. Swedish dishcloths make unconfined gifts.

In my younger years, things like suit and eyeful products were all I wanted to be gifted. Now, I want anything that simplifies my life and brings increasingly order to my home.

I bet you a spilled cup of grape juice that your mom, neighbor, and friends will love the souvenir of spotless counters via the Swedish dishcloth. Use them as a stocking stuffer during the holidays, a housewarming gift, or add them to a souvenir basket for a present that keeps on giving. 🎁

Solid colored Swedish Dishcloths sitting in a trencher next to the kitchen sink

8. These sponges are worth their weight in gold.

Calling all penny pinchers! Swedish dishcloths are surprisingly affordable—you can get a 10-pack that’ll last a year or longer. On the other hand, you can get a pack of sponges that lasts 1-2 months for well-nigh $7.

note from swedish dishcloth owner

9. Swedish Wholesale has the sweetest consumer service.

My Swedish dishcloths arrived on time and with the sweetest thank-you note from the merchantry owner, which made this purchase plane increasingly special! I sure love stuff worldly-wise to support small businesses.

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